5.0 Released

New Support for VPN’s and Monitor Groups Added!

We are excited to announce the release of 5.0. This new release adds support for using your own VPN as well as the addition of Monitor groups. Enterprise Server

The new 5.0 release includes an updated version of our Private Network Connector that has been renamed the Enterprise Server. The PNC was originally designed as a VPN for customers who did not have their own VPN, but new features were added to the PNC that allows it to do much more, such as Monitoring Servers inside a network and acting as a WMI, LDAP, SNMP and PowerShell gateway in order to manage Windows servers inside a network. In our 5.0 release we now support the ability to disable the Private Network Connector for customers who want to use their own VPN or MDM solution for remote access. We have also redesigned the User Interface of the Enterprise Server to be web based allowing you to configure it from a remote computer.

Monitor Groups

The other major feature of our 5.0 release is the addition of Monitor groups. Many customers have asked us to allow grouping of monitors, you can now create a group of monitors, that function much like folders. If a monitor in a group is down, then you will see the status on the actual group to allow you to find down monitors quickly. We also allow you to move existing monitors into new groups easily.