4.0 with Monitoring Released

We are proud to announce the release of 4.0 with Server Monitoring for iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

Configurable monitoring types

Monitors can be setup to check by Ping, HTTP or TCP. With Ping you can be notified as soon as a server is not responding anymore. With HTTP you can check if a website is down, or returning the incorrect response. With TCP monitoring you can monitor specific ports such as monitoring an email (smtp) server on port 25. 4.0 Configurable monitoring types - Ping, HTTP or TCP

Detailed Monitoring Reports

View detailed reports of monitoring data including response time graphs, downtime events and drill down to view individual server responses. 4.0 Detailed Monitoring Reports

Get notified anywhere

Receive downtime, slow response, errors and uptime notifications by email, SMS, iOS push or Android push. Configure notification delays, repeat notifications as well as dispatch notifications to other admins on your team. 4.0 Get notified anywhere

Integrates with PagerDuty 4.0 integrates with PagerDuty allowing you to dispatch downtime notifications to the current on-call Network Administrators. 4.0 integrates with PagerDuty

Monitor Servers securely on your private network 4.0 can monitor servers on the Internet, but also servers found on your private network behind your firewall using our Private Network Connector. Simply install the PNC on a server inside of your network, then you can monitor servers on your network. Private Network Connector

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