Seymour Bank

Seymour Bank

Over the past 80 years the Seymour Bank has grown from its depression era start to one of the strongest in Webster County, Missouri with assets of approximately $137 million. It has three locations to serve these communities and it competes with the biggest banks in America in the region.

How Helps

Aaron Castillo is Vice President and IT Director at the Seymour Bank and manages 50 users on 39 servers across all 3 branch locations. He uses Active Directory, users unlock and password reset tools and finds that they are invaluable. As well as the uptime monitoring for all of his servers, one of the unique features he mentions he appreciates is the screenshot for VM servers which allows him to verify that a server has actually booted up after a remote upgrade and is not in a perpetual boot loop. He also finds real value in the shell access for different servers and network devices when performing quick changes while out of the office. 

One of the challenges faced by all financial institutions involves remote access by users. Aaron values’s audit trail capabilities which allows him to monitor which servers have been accessed and how his IT staff have performed IT functions on them. The Seymour Bank has separate VPN access but continues to use to perform remote functions without having to log into multiple systems. 

The Seymour Bank promotes its services as ‘Large Enough to Serve You, Small Enough to Know You” – Since 1939.’ This might as well have been written to describe The stability and security of its services for financial clients is a testament to the benefits they can also provide to thousands of their customers. 

I have created alerts that monitor all our servers should they go down. These alerts have helped me detect unplanned outages. In fact on more than one occasion, I have received an alert and fixed the issue before we opened for business the next day.” – Aaron Castillo